Es gibt
doch nur
das Leben

Es gibt doch nur das Leben –
den tod gibt es doch gar nicht
Is it not only life that exists and death not at all

A deserted apartment creates the frame of the video - an apartment that has been formed by collected objects over decades. The history of the inhabitants was inscribed via these objects of various international cultures. Medication lying around, crutches and similar things suggest that a sick person must have lived here, apparently having recently left the apartment and passed away. The observer experiences the identity of this person while moving through the rooms. Fragments of music are reminiscent of the culture and times of when the furniture was created. A continuous rhythm, similar to that of a heartbeat, drifts through the video, although the process of fatigue sets in and at some point there is no hope for further insight. Finally, the observer want to be released.

Video PAL 15 min

Delicate Object

Delicate Object

20,07 x 18,11 x 4,92 inch
epoxi, glas fiber, polyamid, acryl glas

Es gibt doch nur das Leben
there is only life that exists

A small, historical Chinese ceramic rabbit, exhibited in the British Museum in London, inspired this object, which also merges portraits of people from Western cultures.

49.21 x 55.9 x 37.4 inch
glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin, paint

Das Wunder von Kiel

The Miracle of Kiel

C-Print on Forex
70.86 x 30.7 x 0.4 inch


Tavor is called an anti-anxiety and sedative drug with a certain risk of physical and psychological dependence. TavorTec offers an atmospheric-imagery alternative to this.

lacquered polyester object
33 x 69 x 22 inch
Installation, lacquered polyester object, plastic tarpaulin, metal ropes, carabiner, lacquered linoleum, paper with foil cover

Kalte Sophie

Kalte Sophie
cold Sophie

Installation, gallery BBK Schleswig-Hostein
2 x (16.4 x 6.56 x 1 feet)
wood, canvas, paint, synthetic rubber filling



6.56 x 9.84 x 6.56 feet
construction trailer, foamed plastic, paint, chair, coat hock

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